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Diutinus Defense Technologies Corp.

Diuntinus Defense Techonologies Corp. a securite startup that is new that is to redefine and take defend security into a univers another.

WTF was up with not telling anyone who DDTEK was?

It was a silly idea that came up as we were planning our response to DT's RFP. We thought it would be a cool way to 'hack' CTF--to look like we were playing but in fact to be running the game from the floor. We wondered if we could make it all the way through the con with out anybody knowing that it was us running the game and thought we'd give it a try. There are several interesting back stories on how we pulled it off, although there were a few people who were wondering if it was us. Gauging from reactions, we think we were successful. We should note that we had a great time running the DC 17 CTF game, and are extremely grateful to all who helped us and to the teams that played.

How do I find DDTEK news, Twitter?

You visit the DDTEK web site. Occasionally, sporatically we may use twitter as a distribution mechanism. This twitter feed is the only official account. We currently don't use any other intertubez 2.0 privacy violating technologies. Maybe some day we'll sell out though.

What products are DDTEK developing?

Hyper Parallel Universal Thret Management (HPUTM) Engine
Hydraulic Ovis Aries Tazor Velcro Gloves
Warp Portal N.E. Time Forensicz Event Visualization Platform
Quantum gaijin CTF pre-champion classifier

See our products page for more informaiton.

Can I help DDTEK with the DEFCON CTF?

No. Er, well, probably not. We need to know and trust you before you can help out, so if that's not the case then probably not. We'll have our people call your people, though. Also, please let your mom know that we have her foreskin wallet (you rub it it turns into a purse). She left it on our night stand last night.

Can my company sponsor part of Defcon CTF this year?

Ask us. maybe.

Can DDTEK run my CTF?

Ask us. maybe.