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Diutinus Defense Technologies Corp. DEFCON 17 CTF Organizer is.

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Diutinus Defense Technologies Corp.

Diuntinus Defense Techonologies Corp. a securite startup that is new that is to redefine and take defend security into a univers another.

Quantum gaijin CTF pre-champion classifier

Using the states of the art machine learning techniques, ddtek now offers a quantum-based CTF pre-champion classifer. Using the latest principles of superduperposition and disentaglingment along with direct feeds from all worldwide CTF, we are predicting outcomes with 98% accuracty (0.91 kappa value, 0.0000003 d^bag, mean absolut error 0.127). The N-linear qubit algorithm utilized ddtek 5-dimensional spin states to process data in .....really lightning hyper-fast. This technology allows ddtek to pre-qualify winners of other future CTFs based on calendar year, not on "defcon-year" (which is approximiately 365 days starting on the first weekend of August on a typically julian calandar).

Stratified cross-valitation of the ctf victor pre-cognitator yields near perfect precision and recallection, while mis-classification at near-zero across millions of instances.


DDTEK is happy sunshine to presenet Hyper Parallel Universal Thret Management (HPUTM). Successful tests of HPUTM teknologee were made during the happened qualifications. These quantum predictive techonlogy using temporal acceleration of hardware constipated all attacks known, unknown, unknown known, known unkown, known known, and unknown unknown using hyper turing NP engine completion. Demonstration of HPUTM at Defcon CTF is the prove that DDTEK defense ever stands time and its tests. Techmology all other are not the comparison. The rainy doom spank ass of other monkey software triumphs over oall including poor ruinners Juniper, Sonicwall, Microsoft, Checkpoint.

Graphs all blockage shown for DDTEK HPUTM:

Warp Portal N.E. Time Forensicz Event Visualization Platform

This product, as the name implies, is best visualized and not explained. Please equip your 4-D dd-vision glasses and stare at the content below. (ymmv if you are not utilizing a 4D television or monitor)